Bermont NFT Website

Worked with a renowned real estate investment company in Singapore leveraging NFT technology or a social cause. We designed and developed an interactive NFT website based on WordPress to share the company's mission, vision and values with website visitors. The website consists of transitions, and interactions that make it an all-in-one solution for conveying information regarding the social cause. WordPress can be a brilliant platform for a typical business website, but WordPress certainly has a lot to offer with different types of customisations, interactions, third-party integrations, etc.





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Metaverse - MetaJupiter

A full-blown Metaverse solution to do events. The features range from Auditorium, games, live calls, spacial audio, photobooth, NFT gallery, collaboration tools etc. A full web-based easy-to-use solution.

Mintish NFT Market Place

Mintish is the world's first and only dedicated music NFT marketplace for music lovers.

An Virtual event for D&D Celebration

Web AR Campaign

An Web AR campaign design for a Healthcare company. Helping their end customers understand the product usage better.

Instagram Filter - Game AR

A fun casual AR game using instagram filter

VR retail Shopping Experience

Just visit the VR retail Experience. Get transported to the World of VR Shopping..

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