Bangkok International Fashion Week 2022 in Metaverse

Worked with the hosts of Bangkok International Fashion Week (BIFW) 2022 in Singapore to develop a custom virtual event space to host their events. We designed and developed a custom auditorium, custom rooms and virtual public space on ReactJS, which allows users to register, log in, select or customise avatars, customise the space, add host company decks, event youtube videos, photo booth, virtual games, custom 3D models, import 3D libraries, video/audio/gif content, user analytics, live telecast of the physical fashion show, etc.


Reach JS and Firebase


Web Desktop/Laptop/Mobile

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Metaverse - MetaJupiter

A full-blown Metaverse solution to do events. The features range from Auditorium, games, live calls, spacial audio, photobooth, NFT gallery, collaboration tools etc. A full web-based easy-to-use solution.

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Mintish is the world's first and only dedicated music NFT marketplace for music lovers.

An Virtual event for D&D Celebration

Web AR Campaign

An Web AR campaign design for a Healthcare company. Helping their end customers understand the product usage better.

Instagram Filter - Game AR

A fun casual AR game using instagram filter

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Just visit the VR retail Experience. Get transported to the World of VR Shopping..

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