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The metaverse is often described as the next version of the internet — a shared, virtual space that is persistently online and active.

In the last couple of years, Covid-19 has opened the world’s eyes to the benefits of remote and flexible working. In an integrated manner, the importance of metaverse office space has increased significantly, and by leveraging information and communication technology people can work surpassing the constraints of time and location.

First, let’s understand what is metaverse.

The metaverse is often described as the next version of the internet — a shared, virtual space that is persistently online and active. So, how is that any different than an online chatroom?

The term metaverse comes from Snow Crash, a 1992 science fiction novel in which human avatars and software demons inhabit a parallel 3D universe. The Metaverse promises to solve roadblocks in the hybrid workplace.

Now, what is metaverse office space?

It is a virtual office platform available online where employees can get collected and connected for meetings and tasks. A virtual office is a dedicated space in infinite virtual space available.

By using VR equipment, it enables the employees to feel virtual office space in real, and with AR devices it gets glazed over the real world. Each and every employee has an Avatar in the virtual office space executing their roles and responsibilities without having any feeling of isolation and being alienated while working from remote areas.

Office in the metaverse

Imagine you could be sitting in a coffee shop in Dubai. The designer of your product is sitting in the Philippines and the product manager is in Salt Lake City, Utah. You could all be sitting at the same table in your office virtually collaborating and brainstorming virtually.

You say, "Hey, there is Zoom for it and I hate it." Well, metaverse tools take this collaboration experience to the next level. Your avatars in your metaverse office can actually be stepping to the whiteboard and wireframing the screens. As your meeting gets over you (your avatar) decide to take a coffee break. Who do you see there in the pantry? Your college mate who has joined your company recently. You could walk up and have a quick conversation. Water cooler conversations and casual conversations are back in the metaverse.

Does this excite you or does this scare you? We are still in the infancy of the metaverse and companies are letting their imaginations run wild in building tools that they think would have the right mix of "coolness" and "usefulness".

How could metaverse office space be useful to corporates?

Working in the Metaverse would permit employees to be 100% remote while still allowing for social interaction. For managers, this implies a limitless ability to pool workers from Michigan to Mozambique who can collaborate with each other in a virtual, hyper-practical world. And for employees, this implies they get the opportunity and adaptability to work from any place.

Well-being and security also play a role. A recent survey found that 43% of office workers, either hybrid or full-time, are more worried about exposure to and transmission of COVID than remote workers. A Metaverse office implies anybody can come in, vaccinated, unvaccinated, immunocompromised, positive or negative.

And afterward, we can get to the actual offices. Envision a Metaverse office where land is less expensive and you can set it up on top of a high rise or in the stomach of a whale (virtually) – without a high price tag.

The desk area in the Metaverse is infinitely scalable. Increase or decrease size according to your needs. It’s the ultimate customizable space. Virtual meeting rooms or shared lounge areas are configured for the type of work employees do – brainwork or creative brainstorming.

Metaverse real estate companies like The Sandbox are already popping up to stake their claim on this new frontier, and companies like UK media outlet VCCP and Mediahub have already set up their Metaverse offices. At the end of the day, employees want flexibility, freedom, and the ability to connect and collaborate easily—and the Metaverse could potentially have it all.

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