on AR/VR/Metaverse/Web3/Blockchain and
experiential Technologies.

NXT Interactive | Nov 20, 2022

Metaverse is revolutionizing the fashion industry with its blockchain platform and digital assets.

NXT Interactive | Nov 07, 2022

There are many types of Photobooths available in the market and a majority of them are provided by NXT Interactive in Singapore.

NXT Interactive | Nov 07, 2022

We will talk you through what to expect with both Centralized and Decentralized platforms.

NXT Interactive | Sep 13, 2022

The technology has unique attendee management and event marketing platform specializing in using experiential technologies.

NXT Interactive | Aug 21, 2022

Digital photo booths are a great way to capture memories from your special event. Guests love them, and they’re fun to use.