Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality for the Gaming Industry

Posted On Dec 28, 2022 |

How AR and VR can transform the gaming industry?

With the introduction of user-focused technology, every aspect of our life seems to change at a fast pace every single moment. Incredibly, AR and VR have brought a revolution in the gaming world that was once considered to be impossible. The gaming industry has displayed fast growth in recent years. The gaming industry’s growth is predominated by Smartphone users who spend a maximum number of hours playing the game over phones or new gaming technologies. Globally, it has been assumed that smartphones and the latest technologies have caused a total transformation in the gaming experience.

Difference between virtual reality and augmented reality

VR and AR are the two sides of a coin. Augmented reality imitates artificial things in a real environment whereas VR creates an artificial environment to inhabit. In augmented reality, 3D graphics are used to superimpose computer-generated images over the user’s view of the real world. This is possible because computers make use of sensors and algorithms to determine the orientation of a camera. Howsoever, in Virtual Reality, the computer makes use of similar senses and algorithms. But, the major difference arises when instead of making use of real cameras within the physical environment, VR technology utilizes the user’s eyes to locate within the imitated environment. This clearly means that, if the user’s head turns then the graphic is going to react accordingly. VR technology offers a convincing and interactive world in which the user responds.

Emerging industry force:

AR and VR are considered to seamlessly offer the most exciting emerging technologies on the planet for today’s life. The industries using AR and VR technologies are forecasted to achieve a targeted valuation of over $25 billion by 2025. Howsoever, AR has occupied a special place in the burgeoning mobile gaming world. Near about 50% of global game market apps displays no sign to lift up as the handset that comes incorporated with the built-in camera serves as a great source of Augmented Reality gaming.

In the year 2016, Niantic’s “Pokemon Go!” game came into existence which represented the watershed moment that displays augmented reality which resulted worldwide into 800 million downloads. Users were left to fantasize about the capacity to interact with daily life in a form of a bid to capture the number of “monsters” one could discover. After the success of Pokemon Go! Niantic returned to the contemporary market with the “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite” game that was even based on a similar concept highlighted with the money-spinning Harry Potter franchise.

Howsoever, in the near future, there are no signs of any reduction imposed in the relationship between AR and mobile devices. But, exponential growth has encouraged developers to improve the level of interest offered by both augmented reality and virtual reality.

How AR and VR are determined to bring revolutionary changes in the gaming world?

VR and AR have reached the mark of sophistication to really engage its gamer. Manufacturers have introduced an innovation that is beyond imagination to offer a smooth and engrossing experience with the right equipment to its users. It’s time to find out how AR and VR are going to redefine the gaming industry with their revolutionary actions.

The revival of 3D: The concept of 3D films is not new to the world. But, it has not found its appeal from the viewers because of its exorbitant cost. But, in a few concerns, 3D has gained popularity such as in the movie “Avatar” and the next concern is related to the gaming industry, where 3D effects provide the player with an enthralling experience and act as the backbone of the game.

Captive experience: With the changing time, the gaming sector has come into demand and with this user, demand has increased for the captive experience. This experience does not allow its users to differentiate between the real and virtual environments which will act as a key feature for the success of any game in today’s time. To bring forth a successful gaming situation, developers need to establish an ideal gaming situation in which gamers could play in the user’s avatar too.

Real-time interaction: AR technology is best known to bring together the real and virtual which causes the creation of a dreamlike mid-path for the users. The capacity to add digital information and real-time in one will turn up to be the game-changer for game manufacturers. Real-time interaction will allow the enhancement of gamers’ perceptions all across the world and will even boost the creation of better engagement levels.

Change in lifestyle: Game is not only for entertainment, but the evolution of AR and VR has also made its entry into the lifestyle. Industries like medicine, tourism, education, and entertainment for better experience have turned toward AR and VR interactions to increase footfall. This is a popular strategy that is gradually gaining the consumer’s attention.

Creative content: AR and VR not only stand out in the race for their ultimate experience but even for their versatile and engaging content that is well-coded by game developers. To best suit the targeted market, developers offer customized content of a higher degree.


AR and VR have brought a revolution in the world and especially in the gaming sector. These technologies help to create a realistic image along with sound and other sensations to offer an imaginary setting which stimulates a gamer’s physical presence in the environment. Users are going to discover a complete virtual world replacing the real which would be controlled by their body movement. Thus, it proves that it is a remarkable beginning of AR and VR technology. Gamers have a lot more to see with the advent of time.

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